Ewa Kozyra-Pawlak


Ewa Kozyra-Pawlak says she has never been a little girl.

That is probably why, already at the age of two,
with an absolute seriousness she devoted herself to plastic arts,
especially sculpture in plasticine, drawing and crocheting.
As soon as possible, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts
and returned to her favourite occupations as gluing, sewing and cutting.
Now she also writes poems, makes translations and calligraphy.
She has illustrated several books for children.

In her studio, there are thousands of colourful fabrics -
gifts from her friends from all over the world.
In these rags usually sleeps Bobik, a cat whose fluff
can be sometimes found in her illustrations.
Some people even dream of having their favourite pants
reworked by Ewa into a dog or cat in her illustration.